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The Bible teaches us, the gate to heaven is wide but the pathway to get there is narrow. We want to help you on your spiritual journey. There is a path to navigate and it can be tough. Finding friends to go through life with, makes it a little bit easier. We hope you can join us this Sunday! We promise to make you feel welcome and loved. 


Why we exist
Our Mission

Why we exist

The mission is why we exist. We believe this is what God has called our church to be. This is why Pathway does what we do. 


How we exist

How we exist

Our discipleship is the process of how we exist.  Our mission is to make disciples. But how do we define a disciple? How do we know if we are growing as a disciple of Christ as commanded by Christ in the great commission. We have a class called Starting Point and we want you to join that class and discover your purpose in making disciples. 


Way we exist

Way we exist

The values is the way we exist. This defines what is important for our church. These are the guardrails to assure healthy ministry is taking place.  We want to be people all about building the Kingdom and this is the way to make that happen. Our Values is the under lying current that flows through our church. 


What we do

What we do

We have a dynamic kids program to assure your children are having fun, making friends and meeting Jesus all in services that specifically designed with them in mind. 

Our desire is for you to become a fully devoted disciple and we fully understand that happens in building healthy relationships with others who are on the same pathway. We offer small groups and other ministries to assure we are becoming everything we were created to become. 


Pastor Taylor

Pastor Taylor

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