Prophecy over Pathway

Prophecy over Pathway

We believe that God speaks to us today. He is not a distant character but rather a Father who wants to be in relationship with His children.

As we grow in our relationship with God, we begin to hear His voice and in His voice often times there are leadings, promptings, confirmations or faith proclamations that are made to help us become all that God had purposed us to be.

Some times in our church services, prophetic words are given and we write those down and want to share those with you. Please feel free to read and be encouraged.

For more information about prophecy, read 1 Corinthians 12 in the Bible and learn more about what that is. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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“The assignment I have placed upon your church is large. The assignment of which I have called your church to operate in is large. For the assignment has been written and I’m waiting for you to walk in the fulfillment of it because the assignment upon your church is one that’s not like any other church. I have a special call upon this place. There is an equipping call upon this place. There is a powerful call upon this place. There is an anointing that will fall upon this place, weekly, weekly, even daily as the ministry progresses. So walk in the assignment that I have for you, My child. Walk in the assignment that I have placed upon you because you will enjoy the call of God that I have placed upon you. You will enjoy the presence that I allow to be in this facility, in this place, in this church. For the assignment is heavy and there will be a weight that will be required to be carried among the people in order for them to fulfill their portion of the assignment.”

January 28, 2024

Pastor Lynnette

Last week, if you were here, we prayed about setting a fire on our souls, upon Pathway Church and
the anointing came in and the Lord literally gave a supernatural anointing and release of that Spirit of
Fire and I’ve noticed on Facebook this week a lot of y’all caught that fire-a lot of you did. I did, too. I’ve
been excited all week. Well, this morning in my prayer time the Lord began to show me that there’s a
next step and this word are mainly first of all for you who are in His Word every day or you’re
spending time and it’s also for those of you who have chosen as His kids not to pick up His Word
because it’s to be an encouragement to you. But to those of you who get that Word and pray it, there
is a new anointing. There’s something supernatural that’s going to be added on to last week that God
is going to release and impart today.

Now listen, He is going to give us today supernatural revelation, or another word-revealing-of His
Word. We have been mainly, as Christians, walking in the knowledge of the Lord at level one and
when something comes along that you need you desperately try to get it from level one in your mind
down to where, down to your heart because in your heart-there’s the revelation.
And this is what the Lord told me to tell you this morning: that as you seek Him you will find Him and
as you get into His Word beginning today and onward from this time, you ask Him for the revelation
that He’s about to release in this church and you’re going to have it and you’re not going to only read
His Word from level one but God says, “My children, it is time to move My Word from your head to
your heart!” and therefore He is going to give us a supernatural-and I mean it’s supernatural because
I received it this morning-a supernatural release into the realm of the Holy Spirit: that we’re going to
understand the power of His Word. We must know that all power-all power-every answer to
everything in our lives is in His Word and who is His Word? Jesus

We’ve got to grab on to that and live in that power and understand that when we are under the
anointing of the Holy Spirit and when we read His Word and we stop and say, “Okay, Father, now
what does this mean? What does this mean?” He will take you from this level (mind) down to
this level (heart) and at some point, He has called each of us to live at this level from here on out.

Pastor Taylor:
I’m going to piggy back off what she said. If you were in the Friday night prayer group a couple of
weeks ago at (Terence & Devin’s) house, I told them something very similar to that. While we were
out at a conference, the worship was going and while we were just doing our thing worshiping-this
has only happened one other, maybe two other times, I had a vision and I was in the room worshiping
but I wasn’t in the room worshiping. Have you ever had those times you’re like I’m just, I’m lost, lost in
what I’m doing. You know? And I was at the cross but I wasn’t standing at it I was about 300 yards
away from Jesus and the crucifixion and I could just had this vision of seeing what was going on. I
could see the beatings. I could hear the insults. I could hear the crowd and it was as if I was in the
room where it was taking place and the Lord spoke and said, “You have read it. You have heard it.
But you don’t know it.” I didn’t really know what that meant and I said, “I don’t understand what that
means,” and just very clearly, “It’s time for you to know it because the assignment that I have upon
your life, you’ve got to know what I’ve done for you.” and that quick it lifted and I was back in the room
worshiping with everyone else.

There’s something that transformed us from whenever we just hear it, whenever we just see it,
whenever we just read it to the bona fide revelation of what the Word of God has for you and you
know it without a shadow of a doubt because whenever you know something, no one can talk you out
of what you know. No one can tell you anything different than you know that you know that you know I
know what Jesus has done. I know what the cross did for me. I know what salvation did for me. I
know what the Word says and so therefore it doesn’t matter what the situation around you looks like.
You stand on what you know because you know that you know that you know who Jesus is in your
life. That’s right. So, what happens is we’ve got to have the revelation of who God is, the revelation of
the word of God.

How many think faith comes by hearing? Oh no, it doesn’t. Faith comes by the revealed Word of God.
Faith comes by hearing the Word, hearing is the revealed Word of God. You can hear it all. You could
put the tape player in and listen to the Bible all day long and it won’t do anything to your faith because
it hasn’t been revealed to you. Faith comes by the revealed Word of God into your spirit being. So,
whenever you come into a time of worship like this, what’s your responsibility? “I surrender! God, I
want everything that You have for me! I don’t know what it looks like. I don’t know what it means. I
don’t know what it entails, but my job is to get out of Your way because I know that You know what
You’re doing and I just want all of You because all of You is more than all of me!”

And so, this morning lift your hands and worship the Lord and just say, “God, I want more of You in
my life. I want the revealed Word of God in my life. I want the revealed Jesus in my life-that every
time I get into the Word it becomes alive in my spirit. The pages, the words just jump off and I don’t
have to read it and wonder, I can read it and know that my Jesus has done this for me and I can walk
in whatever my Jesus has said I can walk in!” That’s the revealed word of God. So, whenever you
read your Word this week you now go in with a new level of faith expectation. You’re not just reading
it because I did my checklist. You’re reading it for the revealed Word of God to come alive inside of
you so you can take hold of the uncompromising power of the Word of Jesus Christ.

April 21, 2024

Pastor Lynnette Chapman

For the Lord says, “I have not called you to come and be satisfied in the seat, but I’ve called you to be sanctified unto Me this day. I have called you and I called this church to be set apart for My glory, My purpose, and My will and yea, it shall be done according to what I have to say. It shall be done according to My plan, in My season, and in My time.

So worship Me, My children! Worship Me in My power and in My truth and I shall reveal to you a new level of My glory that you have only hoped to ever have. For in this place the levels are growing and My power is escalating. So reach up, My children as I release Myself, My glory, My will, My love, My mercy, My forgiveness in this house.

Yea, it will rise up. You are hidden for My purpose now. But the time is coming soon. Yea, the time is coming soon that there will be a bright light that will shine over the city, shine over this area. And people are going to go, “Pathway Church! Where’s this been?” Yea, My children, I’m grooming you. I’m changing you from the inside out. For as I have said, I have called you for My glory and My power and My purpose. So I require much of you. Yes, you say, “Well, other churches…other places…” No, no, no, no, no. Listen,

My children of Pathway Church, I require much more of you, for you are the sanctified, you have been set apart (oh wow) for a worldwide ministry. Yea, I declare that I have called you to a worldwide ministry. So don’t fret. Start your shouting now. Start your rejoicing in Who I Am in your life, and in the life of this church! Rejoice! Rejoice, for I Am your God!