The first step after salvation is water baptism.

Baptize in the original Greek means – to immerse, dip, to plunge all the way under. 

We will put you completely under the water, not just sprinkle. We believe in immersion.    

The act of baptism illustrates the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus that we received at salvation.  

It is our public testimony that we have entered into salvation. There is something so powerful in submitting to public water baptism. You are not only telling God and others that you have chosen to follow Jesus, but you also tell your own soul that from now on you will be serving God and physically obeying the Word of God. It disciplines your mind to think that way.

It has a strengthening effect. It will help you to follow God. 

Additional thoughts on baptism

– What is the meaning of baptism?

  • It illustrates Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.
  • It illustrates your new life as a Christian.
  • It illustrates that the Christian life is being immersed in the things of God.

– Why be baptized by immersion?

  • Because Jesus was baptized that way.
  • Every baptism in the Bible was by immersion.
  • “Baptize” means to immerse, or dip, or plunge into water.

– Who should be baptized?

  • Every person who believes in Christ.

– When should I be baptized?

  • As soon as you have believed and understand. 

– Can my child be baptized?

  • Yes, at the age of understanding. If he/she understands what they are doing, then by all means, sign them up for baptism. If they are not sure, wait until they are ready.